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KBP BioSciences strives to become a world-class organization for drug discovery and development. We strongly believe in the beauty of our dreams! We want to build a team of pioneers dedicated to promote innovation, discover novel and effective medicine, and drive the change of people’s life.


Zhenhua HUANG, MBA, Ph.D. (Chairman and President)

Mr. Huang has an MBA degree and a Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutics. He has about 20 years of R&D as well as manufacturing experience in pharmaceutical industry with solid track records of business success in China. Early in 1998, Mr. Huang founded and operated several pharmaceutical companies dedicated to bringing generic drugs to the Chinese market. In 2002, he founded Xuan Zhu Pharma that focused on developing antibiotics and other generic medicine in China. His organization was regarded as one of the top firms, based on the number of generic drugs developed, in China.
Continuing his success in Xuan Zhu Pharma, Mr. Huang steered his companies into the arena of new drug discovery and development in 2005. Since then, he has built both a strong platform for new drug discovery and a talented R&D team through series founding of KBP Biosciences (Singapore) in 2010 and KBP Biosciences (China) in 2011.
Mr. Huang has a vision that KBP Biosciences will provide world class new drug discovery programs and eventually the medicines for unmet medical needs across the world.